Press Release - September 5, 2017 - Integra Technologies Announces the Purchase of CORWIL Technology

WICHITA, KS, September 5, 2017 -Integra Technologies, LLC, a world leader in integrated circuit test and related services, announced today that it has acquired CORWIL Technology, Corporation (CORWIL). CORWIL provides high quality and responsive semiconductor die prep, assembly and test services focusing on Hi-Rel, fast-turn and wafer processing markets. Founded in 1990 and based in Milpitas, CA, CORWIL is the premier U.S. provider of full back-end assembly services and is a key partner with leading medical, Mil/Aero and commercial semiconductor companies.

The combination of the two companies will provide a single point of contact for an extremely broad array of semiconductor die prep, assembly, test and evaluation services supporting the Military, Avionics, Space, Medical, Automotive and Fabless Semiconductor markets.

"We are very excited about the combination of Integra and CORWIL," said Brett Robinson, President and CEO of Integra Technologies. "The combination provides our mutual customers with one of the largest US based semiconductor die prep, assembly and test offerings in the industry."  Mr. Robinson added further, "Integra has been an employee owned company since 2008 and we are pleased to welcome our new employee owners from CORWIL."

Matt Bergeron, President of CORWIL Technology commented, "I was happy to see that Integra was selected as our new parent/partner. It provides a great assurance to our customers (especially those in the Hi-Rel market), employees and suppliers that they will be in good hands."

CORWIL will continue operations in Milpitas, California with existing employees, management team and product/service offerings. 

For more information please contact:

Kent Wade                                                       Matt Bergeron

Integra Vice President Sales                           CORWIL President

316-630-6821                                                  503-510-1500

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Military Test Expertise

Military Jet

Integra provides a comprehensive array of services to support Military/Space/Aerospace companies that require devices for use in applications that are more demanding than commercial or industrial devices are typically designed for - sometimes requiring higher security levels of ITAR and DOD-DMEA Trusted processing.

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Semiconductor Test Expertise

Semiconductor Test

Integra Technologies can support you with every post-wafer fabrication manufacturing service necessary to deliver a finished integrated circuit to your end customer!

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Featured Technology Solutions - Wafer Probing

Integra Technologies is a Leader in Wafer Probing!

  • 20+ years of wafer probe experience
  • 100 million plus die probed
  • 2" to 12" wafers
  • Bumped or Un-Bumped
  • Singulated die probing
  • Multi-Site parallel (64 sites)
  • Temp ranges from -55C to +125C
  • RF Probe to 40GHz and higher
  • Probe counts to 8000+ probes
  • 5 mil thick wafers
  • 24 x 7 production capability
  • 25+ test engineers
  • Probe card design, fab and verification      
  • Al, Au pads and Pb, Pb free bumps
  • High Z force chuck
  • High pin count, fine pitch
  • Vertical, Cantilever, Membrane & MEMS probe cards
  • RF probe (Membrane, Coax or custom solutions)
  • N2 and vacuum wafer storage
  • Elevated probing up to 180°C
Data Analysis:
  • Wafer map conversion
  • Retest of defined bins without full wafer reprobe
  • Custom mapping for inkless assembly
  • Onsite custom format solutions for inkless assembly
  • Assembly back to production map conversion
  • Wafer inspection map conversion to electrical test maps
  • Composite mapping
  • Multi site comparison
  • Integration to Galaxy® software

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