Integra Technologies LLC provides semiconductor production testing (wafer probe and final test), qualification, and related technical services to manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices.  In business for more than 30 years, we serve the Fabless Semiconductor, Aerospace, Space, Military, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Commercial markets with our test services.

Integra offers these services from its locations in Wichita, Kansas and Albuquerque, NM and has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, technical expertise and on-time delivery.

Integra has one of the largest and most experienced test engineering organizations in the industry. We have the engineering expertise in house to support all technologies, including RF, digital, linear, analog mixed signal and memory.

Integra specializes in software development, hardware design and development, full production electrical test, qualification testing, failure analysis and destructive physical analysis.  Integra’s electrical test expertise encompasses both final test and wafer probe, including bumped wafer probe.

Military Test Expertise

Military Jet

Integra provides a comprehensive array of services to support Military/Space/Aerospace companies that require devices for use in applications that are more demanding than commercial or industrial devices are typically designed for - sometimes requiring higher security levels of ITAR and DOD-DMEA Trusted processing.

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Semiconductor Test Expertise

Semiconductor Test

Integra Technologies can support you with every post-wafer fabrication manufacturing service necessary to deliver a finished integrated circuit to your end customer!

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Featured Technology Solutions - Cu Wire

Are you concerned about the reliability of the use of Cu wire in your integrated circuits?

Integra has industry leading capabilities in helping customers sort out what's reliable and what's not. 

Integra has participated in various industry studies for Cu wire evaluation using different flows and inspection methodologies. 
Through failure mode analysis and thorough understanding of physics, Integra can help assess potential Cu wire failures during arising from component qualification, customer system manufacturing, and/or field failures.  Failure mechanisms that can be assessed include:
  • Break mode understanding 
  • Implications of pad lifting
  • Hidden micro-crack damages
  • Die cracks
  • Corrosion
Integra offers a unique room ambient decapsulation process to minimize over-etching Cu wire damage during plastic etching process. The process includes the capability to etch and maintain complete integrity down to the ball attachment.  Once the Ball attachment is analyzed our process is capable of removing the ball attachment from the pad without destroying the metalized pad.
Evaluation process flow includes control sample verification before actual sample decapsulation.

Quality tests that can be performed for Cu wire evaluations include:

  • Historical data comparison
  • Ball diameter: detailed inspections per MIL-STD-883, M2010, condition A for Microcircuits and Hybrids and M2074 for Discrete devices
  • Bond pull: MIL-STD-883, M2011 for Microcircuits and Hybrids and M2037 for Discrete semiconductors.
  • IMC inspection using SEM per MIL-STD-883, M2010, condition A for Microcircuits and Hybrids and M2074 for Discrete devices 
Extensive in-house reliability evaluation capability for Cu wire: 
  • Life test to study Cu wire wear out mechanisms
  • Humidity tests with pre-conditioning
  • Temp cycle
  • High temp storage life
  • Mechanical stresses
  • Manufacturing process evaluation
In-House Equipment Includes: 
  • High resolution cameras
  • Decapsulation stations
  • Acoustic microscopes
  • X-Ray
  • SEM with EDX
  • Cross sectioning equipment
  • Vacuum bake
  • Bond pull and bond shear equipment including precision gauges
  • Reliability equipment for life test, high temp storage life, THB, HAST, temp cycle and vacuum bake
Comprehensive reports with detailed photographs and data analysis are always provided.

 Integra Technologies - Full Service Semiconductor Testing


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